Donald Norman Affordances (visual perceptions)

I undertook some more research into perception and found out about David Normans work relating to Gibsons Affordance theory. Donald Norman appropriated the term affordances in the context of human-machine interaction to refer… Continue reading

Gibsons perceptial theory

I heard abut J. J. Gibsons work on visual perception in my ICT lectures, where we are focusing on Psychology and ICT in the primary school. I studied Gibsons work alongside Gestalt theory… Continue reading

Memory and Recall in Education

Memory and recall is a big part of psychology today. It can be defined as the process by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved; as part of the information processing perspective. Encoding… Continue reading

Gestalt theory

In university I have been studying psychology in relation to ICT in primary education. As part of this we have been looking a visual perception, so I decided to look at two main… Continue reading

Dependent learning to Independent learning

When I went through Primary then Secondary School my learning was dependent on the teacher and getting all my knowledge from them. Although, when i went up in the yeara through school this… Continue reading

The Role of Technology in the Classroom of the future Introduction

This is the introduction to an essay that I am submitting. I wanted to get a critical response to my writing, in order to improve. Thank you for your time to help in my… Continue reading

VLEs or OLEs that is the question

This blog entry is about whether Visual Learning Environments (VLEs), Online Learning Environments (OLEs) or both should be used in educational institutions. Firstly, we must define each VLEs can be defined as ‘an… Continue reading

Is technology taking over?

Technology is taking over most of our lives today as we become more and more dependent on it. Years ago most people didn’t even have a house phone; now, we have high-technology mobiles… Continue reading

My first Pelecon TeachMeet

I went to the PELEcon teachmeet and was inspired by some of the ideas I heard and met new people. I learnt a lot about the activities you can use with children with… Continue reading

E-saftey Live blogging.

There is stealing identity, cybercrime, online pretiters and sexting. It isnt only adults to children but about children to children aswell. Stephen Carrick-Davies did a study into e-saftey and found showcasing how tools can put… Continue reading