Donald Norman Affordances (visual perceptions)

I undertook some more research into perception and found out about David Normans work relating to Gibsons Affordance theory. Donald Norman appropriated the term affordances in the context of human-machine interaction to refer to just those action possibilities that are redily percievable. It makes the concept dependent not only the physical capabilities of an actor but the actor’s goals, plans, values, beliefs and experiences. Some would say that these percieved action possibilites are better in the primary school in terms of affordance than Gibsons theory.

The use of ICT and technology in the primary school is very prevalent in primary schools today, making Donald Normans research very relevent in todays society. What Normans research suggests is that it is not about the childs physical capabilities which may affect them in other subjects but what they want to do, what they plan or the teacher plans for them to do, what their personal values and beliefs are and that of the school and, finally, their own personal experience of using the computer and learning in the classroom.