Monthly Archive: February, 2013

Donald Norman Affordances (visual perceptions)

I undertook some more research into perception and found out about David Normans work relating to Gibsons Affordance theory. Donald Norman appropriated the term affordances in the context of human-machine interaction to refer… Continue reading

Gibsons perceptial theory

I heard abut J. J. Gibsons work on visual perception in my ICT lectures, where we are focusing on Psychology and ICT in the primary school. I studied Gibsons work alongside Gestalt theory… Continue reading

Memory and Recall in Education

Memory and recall is a big part of psychology today. It can be defined as the process by which information is encoded, stored and retrieved; as part of the information processing perspective. Encoding… Continue reading

Gestalt theory

In university I have been studying psychology in relation to ICT in primary education. As part of this we have been looking a visual perception, so I decided to look at two main… Continue reading