Dependent learning to Independent learning

When I went through Primary then Secondary School my learning was dependent on the teacher and getting all my knowledge from them. Although, when i went up in the yeara through school this did change. It also depended on the teacher and their teaching style.Since I started university straight after school I fell into shock when I met more independent learning, especially in ICT. Now I am in my second year of university this has stepped up again in ICT. I am more independent in my learning and I love it.

We are told what we need to achieve, come up with a plan to do it and then go off and do it. Last lecture, we just experimented with technology for our lesson plans that we have to take into school and I had a blast coming up with my own ideas. My question is if a ‘newbie’ at this type of learning can do it, why cant children in primary and secondary schools? It allows them to work out their own problems and then solve them and, to me, that is what life is about. This is what jobs want; children can become management, leaders and freethinkers. I believe that flexible teaching and independent learning is becoming more common in todays society.

I hope this will get people talking and would love to hear your thoughts.