The Role of Technology in the Classroom of the future Introduction

This is the introduction to an essay that I am submitting. I wanted to get a critical response to my writing, in order to improve. Thank you for your time to help in my professional development.

This essay focuses on the role of technology in the primary classroom and what this will look like in the future. It will focus on children from Foundation Stage to Year six. The future, for the purposes of the essay, can be defined as 20 years’ time. This essay will discuss the technology that allows schools to become a more flexible working environment through the following technologies and practices: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), enhanced WiFi, hand-held devices, games-based learning and interactive and gesture gaming. It will also discuss the ability for children to access work at anywhere, at any time, through a variety of devices such as the cloud, games based and interactive learning. Finally, the essay will discuss the limitations of both headings including issues with E-saftey.