Cyborg Theory

I read a post by Steve Wheeler called ‘Human 2.0’, who suggests different arguments for the cyborg theory. The Cyborg theory is a huge debate at the moment, and I personally dont think it is all good, although you cant stop it – it is enebitable that it is going to happen, like technologt, and there is no going back once its there.

I believe that artificial limbs is a good use of the cyborg theory, and so is the artificial eye concept in Steve’s blog, but my worry is what are the risks/implications of these if they become ‘too advanced’ or ‘more advanced’, as well as the increased risk of global warming. Could it, in the long run, affect the human health of its users and could our ‘natural’ limbs etc become not ‘advanced’ enough? In other words, is technology taking over?

I believe that Cyborg theory is already happening through artifical limbs and the  ‘co-joining of human and computer.’ as Steve describes it, but my question is how fast is it developing? IS it developing at the same rate as web and social media? Is anyone monitoring the rate that it is increasing?


Human 2.0 – Steve Wheeler [online] [accessed 3rd Febuary 2012]