Monthly Archive: January, 2012

Digital Nonsense and Residents

I have read ‘Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants’ by Marc Prensky, ‘Visitors and Residents’ by David White and ‘Net Generation Nonsense’ by Mark Bullen and compared the three. This one is mainly based… Continue reading

Digital immigrants and Digital Natives Vs. Visitors and Residents

I just read the blog of David White who has come up with a counter theory to Marc Prensky’s ‘Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants’ called ‘Visitors and Residents’. His research was a JISC… Continue reading

Inspiring Teachers

The teacher that inspired me was a teacher that taught me for two years – so she knew my strengths and weaknesses. She pushed me to my limits and made me improve, not… Continue reading

Blogging is a global classroom – the rise of the information society.

Convergece is happening all the time: social media and email will converge and web is converging with television. Marc Prensky says that adults come with an ‘accent’. Our brains our different because we… Continue reading

‘What are the implications of information 2.0 upon learners?’

Pencils and computers are both tools. There are many different views on the World Wide Web and internet, as well as web 2.0, and come with this comes with is implications and conflicting… Continue reading

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

I heard that his work had been criticised a lot but was interested in what he had to say so read one of his articles that was suggested by a lecturerer: Digital Natives… Continue reading

Understanding Motor Development

In my second PE session today we learnt about understanding motor development. The Session We found out about this game in which the whole class had spots painted on their face. They had… Continue reading

An introduction to the Information society

Create programmes which teach the students and students will remember what the computers have taught them when first computers were first invented. The computer has a better memory than us but we are… Continue reading

PE confidence

Teachers confidence in PE

A lot of teachers are not confident with their performance in PE – Why? Sometimes it is just one ‘sport’ or ‘part’ – but other times it is their confidence with the whole… Continue reading