Literacy and ICT

My literacy task will be on learning about animals in a class of around thirty children in a lower key stage two class. If they haven’t studied minibeasts before, they need to provide a useful progression in scale and complexity. I would get them to create fact file cards and awarded as prizes and swapped under class rules. Digital photos of larger animals can be used to illustrate their work. To develop children’s writing using ICT get them to create speech bubbles, tables and clear headings. As a teacher, templates could be created for input of key words.  The resources this activity requires is a word processor and a digital camera. This also is cross-curricular to science. (The really useful ICT book; pg 185)

This activity links to the national curriculum because it teaches children how to prepare information for development using ICT (1b). Secondly, to interpret information, to check it is relevant and reasonable and to think about what might happen if there were any errors or omissions (1c). Furthermore, draw on different features of texts, including print, sound and image, to obtain meaning (3d.) Also, present – prepare a neat, correct and clear final copy (2e) (Department of education – ICT Teaching)